Cedric Olbrechts


Cedric Olbrechts is co-founder and partner at Vendis Capital, based in Brussels.


Prior to co-founding Vendis, Cedric served as an Investment Director at Mitiska for 8 years and as Director of Net Fund Europe, a venture capital fund, for 3 years. He also served for 2 years as the CEO of Cap Nord, a retail real estate company previously owned by Mitiska. Cedric started his career with Andersen Consulting. 


He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, has a degree in Japanese Studies from Keio University and a Commercial Engineering degree from the Louvain School of Management (UCL).


Cedric enjoys skiing, traveling and biking.


Currently involved with: L’atelier d’Amaya, Sylphar, Mazarine, Victoria, Inula


Previously involved with: Alexandre de Paris



* on behalf of Ginko sprl

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